Hey! 🙂 

Have you ever thought about how music can convey so many things that words can’t? Sometimes I hear a song and it’s like there is this huge bucket of feeling, emotion, and inspiration just dumped right into my lap in the form of a melody and a few chords. It’s like my heart just kinda explodes a little bit. Ya know?

That is my favorite thing about music. I love that when I write a song, I have the opportunity to do something big, to create something that has more power than words alone. I love the chance to express things that matter…to go beyond the mundane.

I love life. I am an optimist. I think the sunshine is beautiful, and I think the rain is beautiful. (And ummm who else REALLY likes the smell of rain?!?) My favorite number is eleventeen, and yes, I know that is not a real number…that’s why I like it. My favorite word is shindig. (SO fun to say! – Try it!) I am 19 years old and that’s really weird, cause it seems like yesterday that I could barely reach the cupboard in the kitchen. Speaking of barely reaching things, I absolutely love kids! Kids are so cute and innocent and funny and the world could always use a little more of that.

I enjoy random things. What I mean by that is that I like to take time to appreciate the little things in life. The flowers that begin to bud in the spring, the intricate design of a blade of grass, the simple joy all over the smile of a baby. I also have a really random sense of humor. Odds are if I say something I think is funny, you won’t laugh….and if you say something that isn’t funny to the rest of the world, I will be close to peeing in my pants (just ask my sisters).

My life goal is to make a difference. To be different. To love well. I just want to share the voice and the words and the songs that God gives me, and wherever He takes me, that’s where I want to go. I am excited to keep sharing my music with you as I continue on this journey of life.

This is me. Keep being you. 🙂